No Necessita Mas

“No necessita mas. El amor de Dios es suficiente para me” (I don’t need more. The love of God is sufficient for me)

This was the first phrase of the chorus of a song I heard on a Christian radio station today. How often do we really live like the love of Jesus is all we need? There I was, on my third day of painting in incredible heat and humidity, with sweat constantly pouring off my body, and Jesus reminded me, “All you need is my love. There is nothing more you will ever need.” What a great reminder.

Regardless of the circumstance in my life, it is not people or things that will get me through, but rather, the love of Jesus. His love is sufficient for me.

Gracia a Dios.

From San Salvador, El Salvador,

Ashley 😀

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3 Responses to No Necessita Mas

  1. joannefirth says:

    Amen to that Ashley! Great to see you using th blog. Giant bear hugs to you and sissy.
    Could you let Linda know I took care of that check and it’s on its way to the church. Thanks sweetheart.
    Love. Joanne

  2. Mel & Joe says:

    Love you both and the whole team down there. So great to hear how the Lord is already using you. Know that you are bathed in our prayers, each and every day 🙂 HUGS…love Mel & Joe

  3. Gramma Rose says:

    What a wonderful observation, dear one! A reminder that we all need to receive daily. Sure do miss you and Leenda, but am excited about all the opportunities the Lord is opening for you both. God Bless and Keep You Always and Forever!

    Gramma Rose

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