Amazing Grace

Just finished up a great week working with Word of Life staff and a group of people from the United States that came to Central America for a medical mission trip. They are from Woodstock Baptist church in the Atlanta area and they are committed to making a difference through serving the poor in remote areas where medical treatment is not readily available.  We also got to visit an orphanage with children that are HIV positive.

We had many obstacles this week to overcome but nothing God’s amazing grace couldn’t handle. We had a mudslide in the kitchen area Tuesday morning after we had spent the day before cleaning the kitchen and stocking it with all the food supplies for the week. The visitors were supposed to arrive at lunch time on Tuesday. At 8:00 on Tuesday morning we saw water running out the kitchen door and when we went inside mud had oozed it’s way into the back kitchen area where the refrigerators are kept and all  the food for the week was stored- By God’s amazing grace- not one bit of food or equipment was damaged and we began to clean up the muddy mess. A little while  later we learned that the medical team was stuck at the border and it was not looking like they would be allowed to bring in the medicines they brought to treat the many people we had scheduled to visit. Once again God’s amazing grace prevailed through prayer and a Christian border crossing guard that just happened to come on duty at that time and they were allowed to pass from Hondouras into El Salvador with all of their equipment and medicine in tact!

  This is a picture of the  2 Soldiers helping to get the bus across the border. One was an American soldier who called the embassy on the teams behalf and the other is El Salvadorian  and when  he got on the bus he said “All things are possible with God!” ….. Amen!

We were scheduled to present the colors of life drama at the orphanage on Tuesday in the afternoon. Once the visitors finally arrived and unpacked  they all got into the vehicles waiting to take them.  When the drivers tried to leave the property one of the  vans got stuck in the mud and the trip to the orphanage had to be canceled.

It was only God´s amazing grace that allowed the driver of the van  to notice that the brake fluid was leaking! A mechanic was called and it was able to be fixed before we went to the remote area in the mountains the next day where a loss of brake fluid could have been a very dangerous  problem!

On Wednesday we began the first of three  long hot days ministering to people in three different mountain village communities. God’s amazing grace got us through each day  and at night we were encouraged with  the stories of people receiving Jesus as Savior and the good reports about the lives touched   from the medical, dental and optical teams.  Each night there were prayers, tears and laughing. There are no words to describe the joy experienced seeing the faces of the people as the gospel is shared with them or a medical problem is resolved or they receive a new pair of sunglasses like the men pictured above. That was the area I got to serve in helping out the optical crew and treating people to a new pair of sunglasses! God´s amazing grace – so bright you gotta wear shades! At the end of the day the orphanage rescheduled our visit and we were able to see the precious faces of the little ones and give lots of hugs as they colored pictures with us.

We are back in San Salvador for the week and tonight I am tired but I can’t stop thinking of all the faces and the lives that God’s amazing grace allowed us to touch this week and once again my own life will never be the same! Amazing grace, how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me – I once was lost but now am found, was blind but now I see!

May your day be as blessed as my 3 amigos that received their new sun glasses  this week and may your eyes be opened to all the blessings  and amazing grace God pours on us each day!

and PS …….. I don’t even scream anymore when I see a scorpion on the wall before bedtime – now that is God’s amazing grace!!!!!

Serving Him with joy!



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Serving the Lord Jesus Christ in El Salvador
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8 Responses to Amazing Grace

  1. Mel & Joe says:

    Hey Linda 🙂 That is a beautiful post! I rejoice with you and all the team, at God’s Amazing Grace. I had a lump in my throat as I read. You write so vividly, I felt as though I were there with you. I am in spirit! Your loving prayer partner-Mel 🙂

    • Linda says:

      Thank you so much Mel! I am glad you enjoyed the post – it is a priviledge to share what God is doing here with others and to be a part of it all is beyond my understanding. God Bless you dear sister!

  2. joannefirth says:

    All I can say is WOW! What a week!. Thanks so much for sharing all of your good work, God’s work, and exciting daily challenges that arise. Mud slides, scorpions and all the rest. You reamain an inspiration to me and many others, I can only imagine how rewarding it must feel to know you are making a positive difference, one human being at a time. And here, before I read this, I was frustrated about trying to keep track of Vincent’s busy schedule and clothing for his various activities. Now, after reading I feel uplifted and blessed. Thank you!

    I still have your back, in prayer and hope to try that phone number to call you soon.
    I love the way this blog is working out, such a joy.

    All my love,

    Little Sis

    (If this link works, it’s a silly picture of what happens when you leave a baseball outside too long. If it doesn’t work, I’ll put it up on facebook.) Just for some silliness. ❤

    • Linda says:

      It really was an amazing week and to see 50 people all working together in harmony and happiness to serve those in such great need is beyond anything I can explain. Only god can pull all of that together and make it work. all I am is willing to be used. Israel told me the scorpions at the camp are not the lethal variety. If by a long shot you do get stung it produces a swelling and some pain but it will not kill you so I am not so afraid of them any more. But I really did sit down on my bunk after a long hot day and look over at the wall and there was one about two or three feet away. I went and got Carlos and he killed it with my shoe. There was also a gecko that played hide and seek with me when I would turn the light on! Such is life in the tropics!!!!! Thank you so much for your prayers and encouragement – I wouldn’t be here without them! Love you!

  3. Eileen says:

    God’s grace is awesome ! So many proofs of just how the Lord looks after those who are working for Him ! Wonderful !

  4. Patrick says:

    Thanks for taking the time to post your adventures! It is exciting to read and see what God is doing! God Bless You!

    • Linda says:

      It makes Ashley and I so happy to know people are reading it and enjoying it. We are having an amazing time in the Lord and can’t even begin to tell it all but we will continue to try and capture the highlights! Love and miss you God Bless you too! So glad to hear they are getting to the bottom of your health issue. Hopefully you will be good as new soon! We are praying for you!

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