There is no one is like our God

The longer I know Jesus, the more I marvel at his awesomeness. There truly is no one like him and I see this truth more and more every day. There is one one who provides for us like he does. There is no one who mends our hearts like he does. There is no one who fills our hearts like he does. How I love the God I serve.

On Thursday, after a long day of teaching and playing with children during the medical clinic in a remote town in the mountains, we stopped to take pictures of the beautiful mountain scenery. It was in that moment that I thought, “There is no place I would rather be right now.” How beautiful and freeing it is to know that in a particular moment, you are right in the center of God’s Will for your life. There’s no feeling like it in the world. My breath was taken away by the beauty of God’s creation and his love for his people- for the “least of these.”

I find that God lets me know that he is with me, even in the small things. This morning I sat on the front step and as the rain poored and a cool breeze touched my face, I saw a hummingbird. It hovered to look at me and then was gone. A hummingbird was the last thing I expected to see in the middle of a rain storm, but the Lord provided one for me to see as just one more way of letting me know that he is with me, hears me, and answers me. The Lord God Almighty does not turn a deaf ear to his people, even wretched sinners like me.

“OH God, let us be, a generation that seeks your face, oh God of Jacob”

I’m in awe of his awesome power and grace. Praise the Lord, oh my soul, for he has rescued you from the grave and now calls you a child of the Most High.

From San Salvador, El Salvador,


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