10 Days of Ministy

Ashley and I will be leaving for the camp tomorrow morning at 7 am to begin 10 straight days of ministry. There are two groups coming in on Saturday from the United States at the same time! One group is a sports ministry and the other has an outreach focus. The team will divide up into two groups and will be visiting 12 or thirteen cities during the week. After that we will be hosting a group of 85 kids at the camp. Roy and Glenda will also be travelling during this time to Mexico where Roy has some meetings and a speaking engagement. We will not be on line during this time but will be back on July 12th with many more stories and some pictures for you. Thank you to each one of you that take the time to read our blog and to pray for us! We really appreciate it! Please pray for the entire team to be able to keep up the hectic pace and also for the weather to be good! Here are pictures of us holding baby Zoe who is now about a month old and doing really well!

Serving Him with joy,



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Serving the Lord Jesus Christ in El Salvador
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5 Responses to 10 Days of Ministy

  1. Al DeVita says:

    You have this thing for babies don’t you;) Barb and me will be praying for your protection and hope that you can continue to do His work.

    Al and Barb

    • Linda says:

      hahahahaha or in Spanish jajajajajaja – yes I guess you could say I have a thing for babies. I think that is the purpose God made me to hold them and love them and watch them grow! There are so many here and they are beautiful! Thank you for your prayers and yes pray that I may continue to serve Him with all of my heart soul and strength until He decides to take me home!!!! Love you!

  2. joannefirth says:

    Hi Sis & Ashley, man they sure are keeping you busy. So much to do, so many people to see. The little baby is beautiful and you both look so content holding her. Safe travels, I pray that the earth stays calm during your visits. Try to send some kind of message along the way during the 10 days, so I know you are ok. Miss you, but you already know that. ================> PRAYERS BEING SENT!

    Little Sis

  3. Gramma Rose says:

    What a beautiful baby!! Holding and loving and nuturing precious babies is just ONE of your MANY purposes, dear one. Babies, youngins, teens, adults, senior citizens. Hummmm…have I left anyone out? And as far as praying for you to continue to serve the Lord with all of your heart soul and strength til He comes…not necessary!! It is just who you are and it oozes and glows from your pores!! Sure love and miss youse guys! Consider yourselves hugged and loved. Hug those dear babies for me. GB&KU

    • Linda says:

      I miss you so much – hugs and kisses from El Salvador!!! More tomorrow – too many emails to get through today after being out of contact for 11 days!! love love love you so much!!

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