Making Pupusas!!!

My favorite thing to eat when I am here is pupusa’s! For those that never had one you do not know what you are missing. The pictures show the  step by step process of how to make them! We were invited to Amanda and Emilia’s house and their mom Lucy offered to teach me how to make them. I cannot tell you how happy it made me! I tried to learn on my own and it reallly is not something you can learn without a good teacher. It is definately an art form!!!!

I managed to drop only one on the floor when I was patting it back and forth between my hands to form the final circle shape.

The pupusa is basically a tortilla filled with beans, cheese or meat filling that is fried in a very lightly greased pan. The dough is very moist and easily pats out into the little circles you see in the pictures. They are eaten with  a  salad made of shredded cabbage and carrots  in a vinegar salt solution. There is a very fine tomato salsa that is served with it. Pupusa are best eaten with your hands – you break off a mouth sized piece put a little of the cabbage mixture on it and dip it into the salsa.

Pupusas are sold every where here and every town boasts theirs are the best – all along the roadsides there are little stands with women in them patting out pupusas.  A basic bean filled one sells for $.50 each. They are very filling and two of them make a perfect meal. In the cities there are restaurants that each have their own special flavors, cheeses and fillings.

Ashley and I have been joking with the missionaries that I am going to open my own stand to help support the ministry.  I am still having problems speaking Spanish and one day I made a mistake and made up my own word- Chachinga- Everyone thought that was a great word so that is what we are thinking of calling the stand – Chachinga Papuseria! I can’t wait to practice making more and I am so grateful to Lucy for teaching me and for the wonderful evening we had at her home!!!!

Serving Him with joy!



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8 Responses to Making Pupusas!!!

  1. Son # 1 says:

    Chachinga, That is too funny! You have a new nickname Ma. I should tell that to the Chick-ster

    • Linda says:

      Yeah everyone here thought it was a pretty funny word. I was trying to say chickadeen -(not spelled right) which all the guys here call each other and it came out chachinga – some people laughed so hard they were crying so needless to say – our family tradition of making up ridiculous words is alive and well in Central America!!- everyone here now says chachinga!

  2. Ruth Kressler says:

    They sound delicious ! I love soft fried tortillas ! So when you open your shoppe I’ll take two filled with chicken and cheese-please !!!!!
    May the Lord continue to Bless you and Ashley as you bring His Love to these people.

    • Linda says:

      hahahaha – that actually does sound like a great filling Ruth – When I practivce again I will have to try it!!!! Thank you for the blessings -He is blessing us more than I ever imagined possible!!!!!

  3. Gramma Rose says:

    Oh my they sound wonderful!! I’m especially interested in the “dressing” they use for the cabbage–I’m always looking for new ways to do cabbage!! Please tell me we’ll have a pupusa night when you get home!!!! Sure miss you dear one!!!

  4. Mel & Joe says:

    mmmmmmm….Joe & I LOVE Pupusas! Took Myles to Fusion today and you were both remembered fondly by Pat, Eileen and the group 🙂 Love you both-

    • Linda says:

      Aren’t they the best???? We were wondering how fusion went – I was praying about it last night. I am so glad you took Myles and it is nice to know we are missed. We miss you all too and we are having an amazing time here!

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