Working for the best boss ever!

The women in the picture with Ashley and I are from the church at Santa Ana- we spent a lot of time with them at the youth conference and we are so happy to have them as our sisters in Christ!

We got to share the gospel presenting a drama called “Colores de Vida” or colors of life  with kids at 3 schools, one orphanage and one church during the last 10 days. The gospel was presented to over 600 people and 100 people made the decision to receive Christ as their Savior! And the angels rejoiced in heaven! The bible tells us that in  Luke 15:7  “I tell you that in the same way there will be more rejoicing in heaven over one sinner who repents than over ninety–nine righteous persons who do not need to repent.” And Luke 15:10 “In the same way, I tell you, there is rejoicing in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner who repents.”

These are just two pictures of what we have been up to for the last 10 days! We ae working for the best boss ever! The LORD Jesus Christ! I cannot tell you how much joy there is in seeing the expression on hundreds of kids faces as you act silly on stage yet sharing a message that could change the rest of their life here on earth and have a major impact on where they will spend eternity! I cannot express the overwhelming love  in talking with a little girl with aids in an orphanage as she asked Jesus into her heart and being able to tell her with confidence that we will be together again one day in heaven with Jesus and nothing with ever separate us again! No more sickness, no more fear, no more loneliness and being able to look into little brown eyes shining with a peace that wasn’t there just a few minutes before. Jesus, the best boss on earth changes everything! And He can do it in the twinkle of an eye! Watching the happiness spread on little faces as you tell them they are loved by the God of the universe is the best job you could ever have on this planet!

We also got to spend 2 1/2 days with 130 young people who came from all over the country of El Salvador to deepen their relationship with the best boss on earth and to take His message of love and hope  to every part of El Salvador.  I can’t even to begin to describe how deeply touched I was when one young man took his necklace off his neck that his father had bought for him and he placed in around my neck and told me the meaning of it. It is a stainless steel pull tag from a jacket and it has a boy on it. He told me the background on the tag behind the boy is the world but he is taken out of the world and safely hidden in Christ. The arms on the boy are out wide and he said this is him trying to embrace all that the Lord has for him. He wants me to have the necklace to remind me of him and for me to remember to pray for him every day that he will be obedient to the Lord’s calling on his life and to pray for his family as well! He has made the decision to become a full time missionary when he finishes his schooling and he told me that I was a part of his decision.

Me, Benjamin and the necklace he gave to me!

These are just a few stories I have to share about working for the best boss on earth! Or the entire universe for that matter! I will be sharing more over the next few days.

Serving Him with joy!



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Serving the Lord Jesus Christ in El Salvador
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9 Responses to Working for the best boss ever!

  1. Eileen says:

    How exciting Linda ! That country is claimed for God…with a name like El Salvador it’s no wonder they are so hungry for their Savior and so ready to receive ! \o/

    • Linda says:

      I was thinking about that today as we rode the bus to church this morning. The cross and the name of the Lord is everywhere. All over almost every bus and on a lot of the buildings but the true message of salvation remains hidden from most of the people. They know of the Lord but they don’t know that they can have a relationship with Him! The exciting part is watching their face change when that realization comes over them as you explain the message of the cross and they begin to understand. And then there are those who still want to work their way to approval and don’t believe what we tell them is true. The joy comes in getting to share it so often – every single day if you choose to! I am going to walk to the supermarket now and I have a Gospel of John in my pocket for the guard that works on our street keeping us safe! Love and Blessing to you dear friend and see you soon!

  2. Diane Flewelling says:

    Linda and Ashley,
    I really enjoyed seeing and hearing about what you are doing with the young people. The story of the young man who wants to be a missionary is truly special.
    I have no doubt that God is working in you as much as He is working in those to whom you minister.

    • Linda says:

      Thank you so much for your note. Good to now you enjoyed it. We feel so loved and blessed to be here there are not even words to describe it. We only have two more weeks and we will be home to share more with all of you. Glad to hear you are moving ahead with the counselling – I know God will bless you for it! Miss and love you and see you soon!!!!!!

  3. joannefirth says:

    Wow!! I’m overjoyed and amazed at how many lives you are touching….even one by one. The impact you are having on almost an entire country with your love and generosity of sharing your word is just mind boggling. Plus, I don’t I’ve ever seen you so peaceful, content and happy. Your love just glows through every picture. I’m so happy for you sis that you have found what fulfills your inner and outer spirit right to the very tipity top.

    Little Sis

    • Linda says:

      The team here works really hard but we have so much fun doing the work. It is the joy of the Lord that gives us our strength and I am happy to be His servant girl!!!!! Thanks for the kind words Sis – I really am the happiest I have ever been in my life and the joy on the inside shows on the outside. It is good to know I made the right decision to come and the Lord has blessed us ever step of the way.

  4. Tamara Devorce says:

    My sister – absolutely wonderful and a power testament of the Love of God. It is a blessing to me to see what the Loird is doing in El Salvador. Keep up the exciting work. May the angels of the Lord keep their over you all.

  5. Son # 1 says:

    Cumpleaños Feliz Madre

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