Genesis 1:1

In the In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Genesis 1:1

I was reading this verse in my bible to the little girl in the picture whose name is Genesis and her father happened to be walking by.   I was teaching her the words in English and he said “yes her name is from Genesis 1:1” and he just smiled at us and kept walking to finish moving tables and chairs from one place to another to get ready for the next church service. What an incredible gift to us  – God not only created the heavens and the earth for us to enjoy but He also created children for us to love and to nurture. Genesis has two older sisters and an older brother and a puppy named Muneco which means doll in Spanish. Genesis  is such a happy little girl – joy just radiates from her. The pictures above were my gifts from some of the children in the Sunday School class. One of them is from Genesis to me.

The church where Genesis and her family go is in a small village called Santiago de Maria in the mountains. It is a remote place surrounded by coffee plantations and not much else. It is beautiful there but not much opportunity for work so the families are very poor. The Pastor volunteers there and travels 2 hours  from San Salvador each weekend to teach different bible classes and he performs two sermons on Sunday. He is also a pediatrician who works for the government 4 hours a day during the week. He is so decicated to serving the Lord and teaching His word in this small rural place.

We stayed in the church all weekend. Beds were prepared for us in some of the rooms that serve other purposes in the church. My bed was in a tiny office just off the side of the sanctury. I never slept in a church before and it was quiet and peaceful and I slept really well. Meals were prepared and brought to us from different members of the congregation. They were so thankful that we came to minister to the young people and they gave us lots of hugs and kisses!

These peple have very little in the way of material things but they are so generous and kind. Some of the young women could not even afford the $5.00 entry fee for the upcoming women’s conference this weekend in San Salvador. We were able to make a donation so that a few more will be able to come.

They have also discovered a treasure that is worth more than all the money in the world. They have the word of God and they believe it to be true. They believe in a God that created the heavens and the earth and it is enough for them! They don’t need to try and figure out how it all happened – no big bang for them! They just trust Him to supply all their needs and He does. And they are grateful!

Genesis and I have a play date in November – we are going to meet at the childrens camp and go for a swim together. I can’t wait to see my little friend again!

Under His wing!



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One Response to Genesis 1:1

  1. Eileen says:

    That is precious Linda ! It really is very simple and God so rejoices in those who simply accept without question or reservation ! Thank you for sharing about your little friend Genesis and her family. Enjoy that swim !! 🙂

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