Women’s Conference

Poster from the conference this coming weekend!

This weekend we are hosting up to 500 women  at a  large church in the center of San Salvador for a full day conference. Two of the three speakers are already here from Mexico and the other speaker is arriving today. We have been busy preparing many things for each woman who will be attending. I have also been making jewelry to sell  at the conference to raise money for next year. The missionary women  make and sell the jewelry all year to groups visiting from the US to offset the costs of the conference and make it affordable for the women here to attend. The cost for all day including a meal at noon and two coffee breaks is only  going to be $5.00 per person this year. The women every where I go are so excited about coming to the conference and I know it will be a special time with the Lord for many women who very rarely have a chance to go away for the day and be treated so special and hear from some very special ladies who have been down the road that they are travelling.

Please keep us all in prayer and I will write more next week to let you know all about it.  I will be working in the refreshments area. Please also keep my sister Joanne in your prayers. She will be having some surgery done on Monday and we just received a great report from the pre-op tests and are thanking the Lord for His goodness and His care for her!!!!

Under His wing!



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2 Responses to Women’s Conference

  1. Ashley MacDonald says:

    Hey Linda! I’m so exited to hear about the conference and all the preparation going into it. I have been thinking about it and praying for it every day for the last 2 weeks or so. God has great things planned for this conference and the lives of His daughters will be changed forever by His amazing and unfailing love. I can’t wait to hear the countless testimonies! Also, I am praying for Joanne, that the Hand of the Lord would be greatly upon her.


    • Linda says:

      Thanks Ashley – I am in the process ofputting up some preparation pictures of what we have been doing today. Thanks for the prayers! We miss and love you too!!!!

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