Youth Camp

2 Timothy 2:22 Flee the evil desires of youth, and pursue righteousness, faith, love and peace, along with those who call on the Lord out of a pure heart.

Today we are leaving for the final two weeks of camp. We will be working with 2 separate groups of teens. Each group is coming to camp for 6 days. Our desire is that those that already know the Lord will grow in  faith,  love and peace for Him as the verse from Timothy says  and continue to discover what ways He has for them to serve Him. For those that are coming that have not yet made the decision to give Jesus control of their lives and receive His forgiveness, we are praying that this is their time. That this Christmas they will give their lives to Jesus and receive the best present of all! Eternal life in Christ.

Without Christ, young people today don’t stand a chance. Without the help of the Holy Spirit to guide and lead them it is impossible today to live a good and moral life. They are bombarded with all kinds of mixed messages from a society that tells them it feels good and right to you then just do it and all will be well. I have watched one kid after another go down the path of “it felt so good and right” and end up badly hurt and scarred for life. Some have even died in their pursuit of the pleasures of this world. And where are the adults? Many are working so many hours just to make ends meet they hardly even see their children. When they are home they at home they are in front of a TV or a computer screen barely aware of what is going on in their own home. Some kids are cutting, using dope, drinking and having sex  upstairs while mom and dad are surfing the internet downstairs. We deal with the  broken lives that are the result of living in this fallen world whidh is getting darker every day. But it doesn’t have to stay that way for these kids – you can make a difference!

There is a hope and it is in Christ – not Santa Claus! We can learn more about it by reading the bible each day with some of that time we would have spent surfing the internet. We can ALL reach out to a young person this Christmas. We can show an interest in their lives and we can teach them true moral values that have stood the test of time  and will never go out of date until the author (God)  takes us home.

This is what we will be attempting to do here over the next two weeks. Taking an interest in the lives of 200 teens. No Christmas shopping for me this year! I am determined with the Lord’s help to  reach as many kids with the Gospel of Christ this Christmas. It is the only gift that really matters, so much more than material  things the world would have you believe you can’t live without! Will you join me? Will you invest some of the time you would spend in the mall  this year and visit with a young person instead this Christmas season and share the life giving gift of Christ?

Please pray with me!

Dear Jesus, thank you for coming and taking control of  my life and for dying on the cross for my sins. I know you offer the only true forgiveness and way to the Father and eternal life. I ask you today to forgive my sins and make me a part of your family. I welcome you into my heart and my home as the head and not just a visitor. I give you my life to do whatever you want to do with it. It is in your precious name I pray Jesus. Amen

If you haven’t yet given your life to Christ and you are interested in beginning a new life with Him please see the link that says “Peace with God” on the home page of this blog. He is waiting to give you the best Christmas ever –  don’t miss out this year and settle for what the world has to offer when you can have a gift that will last for all of eternity.

Under His wing,



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8 Responses to Youth Camp

  1. timbob says:

    Good evening. You have made some important observations concerning the environment that prevails in this day. People working unimaginable hours and then spending countless more in front of tv or the internet. Meanwhile our kids are left to fend for themselves. In home after home, neighborhood after neighborhood, and every city in the land, this same story is playing out. When we begin to consider the scope of what is meant by the scripture “the Spirit speaketh expressly that in the latter days perilous times will come” it’s heartbreaking.

    “No Christmas shopping for me this year.” I really appreciate this; taking time to reach 200 teens with the gospel of Jesus. To think of how much time and effort most of us put into Christmas as opposed to reaching the lost is troubling. May we all give greater diligence to be about the issues of eternal significance and let go of the superficial trappings.

    Thanks for both a great report concerning the camp and some serious issues that should cause every saint to do some examining of the priorities. Blessings always in Jesus name.


  2. Son # 1 says:

    I’m praying with you mOm.

  3. Raina says:

    No Santa here at our house!
    It can be so hard to not conform to the world, there are so many things pushing in, especially having children. However, we perservere through the grace of God. I hope to see you soon, perhaps in the spring. Pat told me that you might be around then. May God continue to bless your work. Merry Christmas!

    Hello ‘Son #1’ – it’s been a long, long time… God has given you a beautiful family 🙂

  4. Ruth Kressler says:

    You are so right that we need to get our priorities straight. the time is short to reach out to the next generation who will need the Lord in their hearts in order to endure the tribulations to come. Bless you for all you do for the Lord to be His light in this dark world, and may the Holy Spirit reign whereever you are and prepare these kids hearts to be open to the message you are presenting to them.

    • Linda says:

      Thank you so much for your prayers and your love. I can’t be reached by phone right now until aftger the holidays. But we will talk soon. I will sert up a skype time with you! Have a blessed Christmas and a wonderful New Year centered on His love for you!

  5. Gramma Rose says:

    Dear one,

    I have never heard you so eloquent. You have shown the condition, expressed the life-giving answer, and stated the all too important challenge! Beautifully done, my precious friend. God’s love and presence shines mightily through you! How proud I am that you call me friend.

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