A Perfect Day!


Psalm 65:8 Those living far away fear your wonders; where morning dawns and evening fades you call forth songs of joy.

This morning we got up really early, before the sunrise for a full day of outreach. We shared the Gospel through drama in two different schools in the town of Santa Ana. The drama is called “The Empty Heart”.  I am dressed all in black because the part I played was “suicide”. Each of us represented something that can steal your heart and still leave you empty. My part represented hopelessness after all the heart stealing things didn’t bring satisfaction, like money, music, alcohol, drugs, gangs, false religion, and lust. It was amazing to talk to the kids afterward and discuss some of the other things that try to steal their hearts away from God in todays culture. The three girls standing close to me were in our summer camp program. I was so happy to see they are doing well and are actively  sharing their faith with their friends through Bible Club at church.

This was my second group at a school called Colegio Caleb. How wonderful it is to be able to go into the schools during class time and present the gospel and talk to the kids.  I pray that each one of these young people will be able to reach lots of their friends for Christ and that He guide and protect each one of them as they share their faith!

In the afternoon we went on a house to house visitation in a very poor section of the town with a group of women from the Church. This is what a typical house looked like in this place.  As you can see it is constructed of nothing more than black plastic garbage bags and sticks. The dust is about 3″thick everywhere because it does not rain here for 5 months straight. Every time a vehicle goes by the dust flies  and everything is covered with a fine layer of it. The children were also covered in dirt except for one home we visited. The mom was sitting at a table with her three kids teaching them from the bible. Her children were clean and their laundry was hanging all around drying in the afternoon sun. They were smiling and happy and grateful to God for the little that they had and excited that we had come to visit and encourage them. Water has to be hauled in by truck and each family must buy the water and it is kept in a 55 gallon drum. There are no sewer or sanitation services.

This is a lot in the middle of all the homes that the church would like to convert into a school to teach the children that live here to read and write and then eventually teach them from the bible. There are about 70 children  here that do not go to school now because they are too poor. The woman in the picture is named Velma, she is  from the church,  and it is her dream to see all the children be able to read and write. The desks in the picture were donated but they are all broken and need to be repaired. Mauricio and I  stood there and prayed to God that He would provide a way for the desks to be repaired and the school to be established in this place.

We headed back to the city as the sun was going down! We preached the gospel from sunrise to sunset in the city and in the country. 28 people gave their hearts to the Lord. To me it was a perfect day!

Under His Wing,



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