An Enemy of the Gospel

Mauricio included the following account,  in his monthly update letter,  of an 84-year-old man we met at a local park that is really amazing and I wanted to share it with you today and encourage you on the Day of Love! How great is our God’s love for us!


On Wednesday of the week that John Marinoccio, a visitor and brother in Christ from Connecticut,  was in El Salvador we went to preach the gospel using a method of evangelism that we call “evangelism Illustrated.” The place we chose was the Plaza Gerardo Barrios in downtown San Salvador. When we begin to put the board up to make the presentation a CAM (guard) agent informed us that without a permit from the mayor we could not make our presentation. It turned out that the guard was a Christian but was disappointed in his Christian life, Alex Pereira spoke with him and encouraged him.  At the end of the conversation  he told us to go and set up in the Liberty Square because there are no guards there, we could go there and preach the gospel, but “do not tell anyone I told you”, he said …

We went to the Liberty Square and began to present the gospel message. About 60 people came to hear the gospel, mostly men. At the end of preaching, a man approached Alex to tell him that I had never heard such a clear preaching of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Then he came where I was and told me he was known in the park as the “enemy of the gospel.” This 84-year-old man had heard the gospel many times over many years and has cut the cables from the microphones of the preachers, has cut electricity extensions. On one occasion the speaker’s equipment was at the edge of the water fountain and  he pushed it into the  water and made the equipment  short-circuit. But for some reason this time was captivated by the preaching. His  name #ironically# is Jesus. He bears the name of the person who for so many years he has been declining and who he has been fighting against. I just followed him evangelizing

At that time, Linda Adcock joined the conversation and she quoted the verse that says: “This is the acceptable day, behold the day of salvation.” When Don Jesus heard that, his face changed, I just asked him a question: Why Don Jesus do you  not give us the privilege to lead you toward the feet of Christ this day, after so many years fighting against him? And Don Jesus told me: YES, I want to receive Christ into my heart, I do not want to keep fighting. At that time he made a prayer and asked Jesus to forgive him for all his sins and eternal life was given him. He was the only person who received Christ that day.

Don Jesus said: “How strange how God has done for me to be here today. Brought me to hear His message, then  I talked to Alex, then Linda said something, then you preached to me again, and now I am going home with Jesus in my heart ”

I can only say: How great is our God! As He works and opens or closes doors as He wishes, so that His children hear His Word  and who He knows, might become saved.

Praise God for His sovereignty and His grace toward men!

Happy Valentines day and I hope this story that  Mauricio shared gives you hope and encouragement as you continue your walk with the Lord!

Under His Wing,



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2 Responses to An Enemy of the Gospel

  1. Linda, I want you to know that I’m amazed at what The Lord has done in your life. I stumbled in your blog site when I googled for “Today’s Grace.” You have chosen the right path to maximize your youth and I can’t thank God enough for the decision you’ve made.

    I am a mother of 22 year old son and love The Lord as you do. I published a monthly online magazine and is passionate in creating a daily tabloid called Today’s Grace for the women in my country, Indonesia.

    Be joyful even more as it sounds loudly in each message written in this blog.

    Love you Linda,
    Grace Sabarus
    Jakarta, Indonesia

    • Linda says:

      Oh Grace (by the way Grace is my middle name!!!!) You have no idea how your comments touched me today! And then again maybe you do my dear sweet sister in Christ! God knows when we need encouragement and He used you today to lift my spirit out of the miry clay and set my feet upon a rock to gaze on Him in His glory! I checked out your magazine and it is wonderful! How do I find out more about the tabloid? I would be interested in receiving it! God bless you even more and thank you again for stumbling upon this site and leaving such a pleasant aroma!!!
      Love you too Grace!

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