The Perfect Gift!

James 1:17 Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.

I just came through another really stressful and frustrating time with immigration and after three days of going from office to office including the American Embassy all of my papers were once again in order and we headed to the camp to have lunch and a relaxing day with Marcello and Cecilia and the kids.

Just as we were getting ready to eat a beautiful green parrot that was up in the tree above us flew down and I extended my arm out to him and he landed on me!

Everyone was a little startled except me! I don’t know why but I just knew this was a precious gift from God that He sent down to show me that He cares for me just like He cares for the birds of the air. He really does and there is never a need to worry or to doubt  His care or the plans He has for us and as the scripture says we can trust Him because He never changes like the shifting shadows!  Pretty soon every one was laughing at the antics of this obviously very tame little gift.

He was very content to sit on the back of the truck and eat the bread we gave him while we finished our lunch.

The kids were very anxious to hold him too so I explained to them that  first they needed to win his confidence by talking softly to him and making very slow movements towards him with their finger or arm. It only took a minute or two for Danny to get him to perch on his hand and you can see he was very pleased.

The only one that was not happy was Esteban! He got really scared when this bird flew out of no where and landed on me and was even less thrilled when mom Raquel decided to let him sit on her finger! He loves birds but never saw one behave like this one!

Our buddy really had a good time with Mauricio and couldn’t decide which sholder he liked bestand after he tried them both…..he settled for the top of his head!After she was sure nobody was going to get hurt,  Ana decided to take a turn and he loved the banana she fed him.

 The kids named the bird Adcock after me and thanked me for leaving them  with the gift that God gave to me! What a perfect gift! What a perfect God! Happy New Year  from El Salvador!

Under His wing with a new friend,



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Serving the Lord Jesus Christ in El Salvador
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6 Responses to The Perfect Gift!

  1. What a beautiful blessing of God’s love.

  2. Ruth Kressler says:

    Wow ! What a special day and time of fellowship together !

  3. brian doyle says:

    They named the bird Adcock…that is soooooo funny ma

    • Linda says:

      Yes they said that it has that name becasue it is the bird that God gave to me and I have a bird name. We laughed so hard B. What a remarkable gift! Only in El Salvador in the middle of lunch does a parrot land on your arm and start talking bird talk to you! The kids went crazy! Love you tons!

  4. Wow sis that is amazing. I have holy people in my trees and you have birds flying out of nowhere landing on you. Awesome. Love you so much Dr. Doolittle. 🙂

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